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Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a place you and your friends could hang out at, and play the latest games on your favorite console? What if you got the chance to play these games on massive screen monitors? Think about how awesome the graphics would look and how much more intense it would make the game. Luckily, Powersurge Video Fun & Fitness is here to provide the ultimate gaming experience in a setting gamers will truly appreciate.

Located in Los Angeles, Powersurge Video Fun & Fitness offers an oasis for video gamers to congregate and play the latest games from Nintendo Wii and Xbox. In addition to providing large TV screens ranging from 37 to 154 inches, our flooring is uniquely comprised of rubber-like, soft material that makes it easy for our gamers to stand for hours at a time if they choose to. For those who are looking to spend an extended period of time with us, we also offer snacks and beverages.

If you’re a parent searching for the perfect place to throw your child’s upcoming birthday party or an adult trying to find a place to host your own birthday party, look no further. Our facility layout offers an exclusive decorated party circle- that can be booked with our various party packages- where food will be served after party guests enjoy interactive games such as Dance Central and Super Mario Bros. Ideal for parties with experienced gamers and first-timer guests; we are a premiere event venue in Los Angeles.

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